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XML Comparison of The Effectiveness of Traditional and Post-Activation Potentiation Warm-Up Methods on EMG Variables of Selected Lower Limb Muscles During Squat Jump
Mehrdad Anbarian *, Sajad Avazzadeh Samani
Abstract -   Full Text (DOC)
XML Feedforward and Feedback Function of Selected Lower Limb Muscles Following Plyometric Exercises and Cryotherapy
Fresheteh Eftekhari, Negar kooroshfard *
Abstract -   Full Text (DOC)
XML A Kinetic Based Analysis of the Lower Limb’ Joints with Increasing Running Speed
Razieh Yousefian Molla, Ali Fatahi *
Abstract -   Full Text (DOC)
XML Sensory Motor TrainingVersus Impairment Based Training on Pain And Function in Subjects With Knee Osteoarthritis
Akashlina Sarkar, Nagaraj Sibbala *, Pearlson K
Abstract -   Full Text (DOCX)
XML The Effect of Selected Respiratory and Core Stability Tele Exercises on Pulmonary Function and Functional Capacity in Covid-19 Survivors: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Mohammad Mashhadi *, Mansour Sahebozamani, Abdolhamid Daneshjoo, Seyyed Hassan Adeli
Abstract -   Full Text (DOC)
XML The Role of Core Stability Exercises on Internal Rotator Cuff Muscles Strength And Its Motor Function in Amateur Archers
Farhad Safari Zanjani *, Ali Haghani, Seyyed Hossein Mousavi, Hooman Safari Zanjani, Surhat Muniroglu
Abstract -   Full Text (DOCX)
XML The Impact of Open Kinetic Chain Exercises and TRX Suspension Exercises on Shoulder Joint Proprioception in Overhead Athletes with Shoulder Impingement Syndrome : Randomized Controlled Trial
Aboozar Saadatian *, Mojtaba Babaei Khorzoghi, Mansour Sahebozamani, Mohammad taghi Karimi
Abstract -   Full Text (DOCX)
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