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Comparison of the abdominal muscles thickness in chronic nonspecific low back pain subjects in position of hook lying over unstable surfaces utilizing diagnostic ultrasonography (35173 Views)
sEMG Characteristics of the Lower Extremity Muscles During Walking in Mentally Retarded Adolescents (14455 Views)
The Association between Urinary Disorder, Hypertonia and Assistive Device Usage with Falling in Individual with Multiple Sclerosis (11971 Views)
The effect of stabilization and maximum isometric exercises on cross sectional area of deep flexor muscles in chronic non-specific neck pain (10835 Views)
The effects of kinesio tape of the upper trapezius muscle on the musculoskeletal disorders of upper quarter region (literature review) (10291 Views)
Effect of 8-Week Core Stabilization Exercises on Low Back Pain, Abdominal and Back Muscle Endurance in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain due to Disc Herniation (10264 Views)
Correlation between hip ankle flexibility and postural balance in elderly (10215 Views)
The effect of dual tasking on the lower extremity kinematics during locomotion in patients with anterior cruciate ligament injury (9903 Views)
Effect of eight weeks of core stabilization exercises on postural control and balance of children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy (8914 Views)
Impact and Sustainability of the Training Methods of Tai Chi, Stretching and Williams Exercises on Spinal Flexor Muscle Strength in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain (8256 Views)
The effects of supervised core stability training on clinical symptoms, range of motion, and endurance of lumbar muscles in female patients with non specific chronic low back pain (8107 Views)
Relationship between Thoracic Kyphosis and Respiratory Capacities (7920 Views)
The effects of stability training on postural indices and limit of stability in male patients with non specific chronic low back pain (7763 Views)
Effect of Genu Varum Deformity on Gluteus Medius Muscle Activity and Postural Control During Single-Leg Jump-Landing (7556 Views)
Article - 1 (7471 Views)
Relationship between working with computer and forward head posture and neck pain among office workers (7337 Views)
The Effects of Strengthening, Stretching and Comprehensive Exercises on Forward Shoulder Posture Correction (7328 Views)
Article - 5 (7282 Views)
The Effect of Combination Therapy; Manual Therapy and Exercise, in Patients With Non-Specific Chronic Neck Pain: A Randomized Clinical Trial (7183 Views)
What Is the Acute Effect of Dry Needling on the Active Trigger Points of Upper Trapezius Muscle? The Effect of Eliciting Local Twitch Response on Clinical Outcomes (7073 Views)
Scapular muscles contribution during arm abduction: comparison of healthy subjects and patients with forward head posture (7043 Views)
Systematic Review: Effects of Using Kinesio Tape on Treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis (6929 Views)
The Effect of Suboccipital Myofascial Release Technique on Cervical Muscle Strength of Patients With Cervicogenic Headache (6783 Views)
The relationship between BMI and muscle strength in elderly people living inTehran (6675 Views)
Investigating Effect of Fatigue on Balance of Athletes with Flat Foot (6627 Views)
Article -2 (6598 Views)
Comparison of static and dynamic Balance Of health men, Blind and Deaf Athletes with Non-athletes (6557 Views)
The Effect of Low Level Laser Therapy on Pain and Range of Motion of Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis (6520 Views)
Translation, cross-cultural adaptation and evaluation of face validity of Persian version of Örebro musculoskeletal pain Screening questionnaire (6370 Views)
Kinetic and Kinematic Variables in Middle-Aged Women with Normal and Genu Varum Knee Angle with Emphasis on Walking and Running Activities (6235 Views)
Article - 8 (6206 Views)
Article - 4 (6154 Views)
Relationship between spinal abnormal deviations, low back pain and body mass index in female students (6046 Views)
A Review of Selected Factors Affecting Gait Symmetry (6033 Views)
A Review Study: Clinical Assessment of Patients With Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (5997 Views)
Relationship between Spinal postural abnormalities and quality of life in nurses (5962 Views)
Comparison between the effect of pressure release and dry needling on the treatment of latent trigger point of upper trapezius muscle (5860 Views)
Effects of Visual Biofeedback Therapy on Postural Balance of Stroke Patients (5818 Views)
Evaluation of the electromyographic activity of distal and proximal muscles of the lower extremity after ankle sprain (Review Article) (5814 Views)
The Short term effects of vibration training on maximal shoulder push up (5803 Views)
Epidemiology of Malalignment Head, Neck, Shoulders and Spine in Individuals with Down syndrome (5777 Views)
The Effect of Selected Core Stability Exercises on Balance and Muscle Endurance in the Elderly Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis (5745 Views)
Article - 6 (5737 Views)
Comparing the Effect of Fatigue on Choice Reaction Time of Healthy Men and Women (5651 Views)
The comparison of head and neck alignment in children with visual and hearing impairments and its relation with anthropometrical dimensions (5629 Views)
Comparing the Effect of TRX Exercise and Hoping on Balance in Male University Student Athletes (5566 Views)
The effect of ankle taping on dynamic stability and active range of motion in the female athletes with and without chronic ankle instability (5514 Views)
Kinematics and Kinetics Predictor of Proximal Tibia Anterior Shear Force during Single Leg Drop Landing (5451 Views)
Assessment of pelvic floor muscles function during valsalva maneuver between sounds and chronic non-specific low back pain patients by sonography (5424 Views)
Effect of the abdominal bracing maneuver on muscle activity pattern during prone hip extension (5414 Views)
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