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Bastani M, Ghasemi G, Sadeghi M, Afshon A, Sadeghi H. The Effect of Selected Core Stability Exercises on Balance and Muscle Endurance in the Elderly Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis. PTJ. 2017; 7 (2) :89-96
URL: http://ptj.uswr.ac.ir/article-1-297-fa.html
باستانی مهرداد، قاسمی غلامعلی، صادقی مرتضی، افشون امیررضا، صادقی حسین. The Effect of Selected Core Stability Exercises on Balance and Muscle Endurance in the Elderly Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis. فصلنامه فیزیک درمانی. 1396; 7 (2) :89-96

URL: http://ptj.uswr.ac.ir/article-1-297-fa.html

1- گروه آسیب شناسی ورزشی و حرکات اصلاحی، دانشگاه اصفهان، اصفهان، ایران
2- گروه فیزیوتراپی، دانشگاه علوم پزشکی شیراز، شیراز، ایران
3- گروه روانپزشکی، بیمارستان شهید محمد منتظری
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Purpose: The elderly patients undergoing hemodialysis who developed end-stage renal failure are at higher risk for falling and its critical outcomes compared with their healthy counterparts due to of poor balance, reduced muscle endurance, and sedentary lifestyle. The current study aimed at evaluating the effect of selected core stability exercises on balance and muscle endurance in the elderly patients undergoing hemodialysis.
Methods: In the current quasi-experimental study, a total of 30 patients undergoing hemodialysis with the mean age of 62.24±6.51 years, the mean hemodialysis duration of 29.4±18.44 months, and the history of falling at least once during the last year were selected using the purposive convenience sampling method and then, the subjects were randomly allocated into 2 groups of intervention (n=15) and control (n=15). To assess the static balance, dynamic balance, and muscle endurance in the patients, the stork stand test, the timed Up and Go test (TUG), and the sit-to-stand-to-sit test for 60 seconds (STS-60) were used, respectively. The selected core stability exercises were performed for the intervention group in 6 weeks, three 45-minute sessions per week. To analyze data, the repeated measures analysis of variance (RM ANOVA) with SPSS version 22 was used; P<0.05 was considered the level of significance.
Results: Results of the current study indicated significant differences between the groups in terms of static balance, dynamic balance, and muscle endurance (P<0.001). In other words, the implemented exercises significantly affected the studied variables. 
Conclusion: Based on the obtained results, the therapists can suggest the core stability exercises as a safe and functional strategy to improve balance and muscle endurance in patients undergoing hemodialysis, which may result in increased independence of action and reduced risk of falling due to loss of balance. 

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نوع مطالعه: كاربردي | موضوع مقاله: تخصصي
دریافت: 1395/10/22 | پذیرش: 1396/2/15 | انتشار: 1396/4/10

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